Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Thane Club Amenities is your luxurious refuge for good health and well being

Being fit is the national hobby today. Right from the Prime Minister of India to the coming of age boy, every one recognizes the urgent need of an active and fitter India. There are several ways the people in India have chosen to boost their fitness. Many follow the world renowned yoga and if you are in your mid 40’s, it’s a good choice. Otherwise, if you are young with adrenaline rushing all the way, you can hit the gym to get stronger, gain muscles and perhaps show off your six pack abs. Either way, you get both the facilities and many more options among the Thaneclub amenities.

So, what are the exclusive Thaneclub facilities? And how can it be a luxurious refuge for your good health and well being? Find out below:-


The state of the art Gym facility at the Thane club is one of the major features present. Packed with the latest exercise equipments and other upgraded fitness machines, you can easily boost your health every day.  The Thaneclub facility also includes experienced trainer who can share the expertise and guide you to achieve your fitness goals. Working out with your gym buddies in a lively environment is one of the best things you can enjoy every day. 

Yoga Session:

Rooted in Indian tradition, yoga is now a world renowned practice for fitness, health and well being. A Thane club membership gives you the exclusive facility for daily yoga sessions at the beautiful and tranquil space. It is certainly one of those things which can give you inner peace and calmness before starting the hectic day.

If you are a businessman or a top management professional, Thane club is your go to destination for the daily dose of a yoga session.


Another fascinating way to achieve your fitness goal is Zumba. It’s really entertaining and high energy method to burn your calories and stay in shape. Since it combines fast and slow rhythms, you can make a winning move here at The Thane club with Zumba classes or sessions if you love to dance, dance and more dance.  Women’s tend to involve in Zumba more. So, take your partner and achieve your couple fitness targets.


Aerobics as you know it is a low to high intensity physical exercise method which is a good replacement of gym. If you are not much of dancer, Aerobics will keep you in good stead as far as fitness is concerned. Another feature is that it gives you better muscular strength.


If you want to develop good overall health, endurance, muscle strength and improve cardiovascular, swimming is a good activity to indulge in. It is a low impact activity that is fun as well encompasses big physical and mental health benefits.
So, if you are bored of repeating the same fitness routine, you have multiple options to switch to something new with a wide range of Thane club amenities available. 

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