Saturday, 25 May 2019

Come to your second home & embrace luxury and comfort with Thane club facilities

After a roller coaster of a day at work or a long office week, your ultimate need is to shrug off all that stress.  To all the seekers of pleasure and peace, brace for an entertaining, amusing and leisure time with Thane Club facilities.  The luxurious Thane club epitomizes everything that expresses stunning recreation, fine hospitality and perfect fitness. In other words, a lifestyle that’s par excellence and feels just like your second home.
So, which are some of the outstanding Thane club amenities and facilities that you can boast of and enjoy at the same time? Let’s look at the top-rated ones below:-

Be a Sport with Luxury Games:  

It’s always a good choice to let your adrenaline rush when you are at The Thane Club. After spending hours and hours in the office, reactivating your body is a must. You can either challenge someone at the club for a game of Squash which is ranked as the world’s healthiest sport by Forbes or burn calories with a Badminton match. Choose what you like and be a sport with luxury games.

                                     Dive into a good mood with Swimming Pool:


When your family is in the mood for a blast on the weekend, you can certainly count on the Olympic sized pool at The Thane Club. Tutor your little ones & tickle their funny bones with a fun swimming session. There is even a 25 feet deep diving swimming pool if you are an expert swimmer or want to be one.

                                Active your health with Gym, Yoga and Zumba:

Hitting the gym is today’s necessity. Everyone is geared up to stay fit because it impacts all facets of your life. And Thane club facilities include a premium gym which consists of all the latest equipment, highly qualified trainers and offers a truly posh health experience.Other than Gym, The Thane Club has yoga sessions for daily fitness and you can tone your body with an entertaining Zumba class as well. 

                         Blend in the health with taste at Masaledaar Restaurant:                                           

No list of lavish facilities is complete without a restaurant. Keeping that in mind, The Thane club has one of its own by the name Masaledaar. You can enjoy both the veg and non-veg delicacies here. The fine dining option is a delight for all the foodies. You can confidently invite your guests over here and look forward to spending good time over meals. 

                                      More Amenities exclusively for your luxury:

Adding to the charm of The Thane Club, there are myriad of exclusive amenities like Salon, Spa, Aerobic sessions which you can give you an ultimate luxury feel. There is a separate pool exclusively for women inside.  Your children can have all the fun in the Kids Play Area and there is a banquet hall to throw parties as well.

Take a Thane Club Membership today & get ready to embrace unparalleled luxury and comfort. For more details, visit


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